Technical Articles

The versatility of our presses and the expertise we have acquired over the years enable us to brilliantly fulfill the most diverse production requirements, such as the 'insertion of metal inserts, unscrewing extraction, automatic, pneumatic and hydraulic jacks. The company is able to operate either in automatic cycle (with the help of belts and robots/manipulators), or in semi-automatic cycle, i.e., with personnel on board the press checking the production cycle piece by piece, both visually and with appropriate measuring instruments.
Manual in-cycle control allows:
- to take action on the defect in real time by reducing scrap.
- to also guarantee the trimming or deburring of any defects or blemishes to the benefit of the customer.

In addition, F.lli Marchesi is able to carry out all those assembly and packaging operations that the variety of items produced may require.
An important production segment is threaded PA6 couplings, of which, in addition to the customer's exclusively owned molds, we also own our own versions.

Miscellaneous technical articles