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Optimize your supply chain with customized warehouse service: ready when you need it.

What the customized warehouse service consists of

The customized warehousing service offers customers the flexibility to maintain a tailored stock of ready-to-deliver items, optimizing the management of orders scheduled over several months. This solution is ideal for companies that require small lot sizes and wish to reduce waiting time for delivery, ensuring a quick and efficient response to market needs. Through the customized warehousing service, we are committed to providing comprehensive logistics support, allowing customers to schedule production and delivery according to their operational needs, without the need to invest in large quantities of stock. This approach not only improves supply chain flexibility and efficiency but also helps optimize the costs associated with production management.

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We specialize in injection molding.

All engineering polymers and major plastics variously filled or reinforced.

Items weighing from less than 1 gram up to 2 kg.

We support you in implementation through our long-standing and reliable partners.

Yes, of 1500 square meters that allows us to better organize our customers' scheduled orders.

 Yes, ISO 9001/2015 - ISO 13485-2021 - MOCA, ISO 14001 in progress...

We recover all production waste; we sort it by type and color, grind it and reuse it in the production process (if authorized by the customer).

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