Plastic molding

Advanced solutions for plastics molding production; from the idea to your final product.

What the Plastic Molding service consists of

Plastic injection molding is our core business. We work with Italian and foreign companies of all sizes that operate globally in different industries.

Our experience in molding plastics has enabled us to refine the production of complex and sophisticated items, using a wide range of technopolymers, both crystalline and amorphous, with various types of fillers and reinforcements. Our team, made up of people with whom we have worked for many years, is an integral part of the company, carefully monitoring each stage of the production process, ensuring excellence in the realization of the most minute and complex details.

Thanks to the versatility of our presses and our in-depth knowledge, we can meet a wide variety of production needs. This includes the engagement of metal inserts, unscrewing extraction and the use of automatic, pneumatic and hydraulic jacks. We operate both in automatic cycle, with the assistance of conveyor belts and robots/manipulators, and in semiautomatic cycle, where our specialized personnel supervise the production process of each part, performing checks both visually and using dedicated measuring instruments.

The advantages of our service

Discover the strengths that make us unique in the plastics molding industry.

Thanks to our manual control of the production cycle, we take immediate action on any defects, ensuring a significant reduction in waste.
We offer integrated solutions including assembly and packaging, adapting perfectly to our customers' diverse needs.
We specialize in using special plastics, such as Ryton®, Ixef®, Grilamid®, etc.
Our production facility, equipped with the latest technology and interconnected with Industry 4.0, enables us to address and solve the most complex challenges in plastics molding.

Doubts or questions?

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We specialize in injection molding.

All engineering polymers and major plastics variously filled or reinforced.

Items weighing from less than 1 gram up to 2 kg.

We support you in implementation through our long-standing and reliable partners.

Yes, of 1500 square meters that allows us to better organize our customers' scheduled orders.

 Yes, ISO 9001/2015 - ISO 13485-2021 - MOCA, ISO 14001 in progress...

We recover all production waste; we sort it by type and color, grind it and reuse it in the production process (if authorized by the customer).

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Machines and Equipment

We have 21 injection molding machines ranging from 50 to 450 tons, allowing us to mold parts up to 2000 g in weight. The in-house workshop allows us to perform maintenance and work on presses and molds in a timely manner. We also have a grinding department that, after sorting by material type and color, allows us to recycle and reuse production scraps.

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