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What the Plastic Molds service consists of.

F.lli Marchesi Srl, originally specializing in plastic molding and mold making, has evolved its offerings by focusing on plastic molding and entrusting professionals and high-profile tooling/partners with the design and manufacture of molds. Our partner tool shops, selected for their professionalism and expertise, work closely with us to solve any problems that may arise during the production cycle. This collaborative approach ensures timely and targeted interventions, minimizing production downtime and maintaining agreed delivery times, a key aspect of customer satisfaction and production efficiency.

Although we no longer make molds in-house, we have a fully equipped workshop to maintain plastic molds, thus ensuring maximum efficiency and durability of customers' equipment. This routine maintenance service is essential to preserve the quality and performance of molds over time.

In addition, we provide our extensive experience in plastic mold design, accompanying the customer in defining the technical specifications of the item, from material selection to geometry, to optimize costs and maximize production yield. The goal is to make technically advanced molds tailored to the customer's needs, which are essential for producing cost-effective, high-quality plastic parts.

We are therefore committed to providing complete and customized solutions in the area of plastic molds, covering all phases from design to maintenance. Our mission is to ensure that every project results in success, with products that meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

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Our services cover all production stages, from design to final product and routine and extraordinary mold maintenance.

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We specialize in injection molding.

All engineering polymers and major plastics variously filled or reinforced.

Items weighing from less than 1 gram up to 2 kg.

We support you in implementation through our long-standing and reliable partners.

Yes, of 1500 square meters that allows us to better organize our customers' scheduled orders.

 Yes, ISO 9001/2015 - ISO 13485-2021 - MOCA, ISO 14001 in progress...

We recover all production waste; we sort it by type and color, grind it and reuse it in the production process (if authorized by the customer).

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